Took That app allows you to share your photos with friends or groups while knowing that your privacy is intact and secure. With a timed delivery system, photos are not given, they are truly shared. Took That has also developed the technology of “take back”. What does that mean? It means you can "take back" the photos that you have sent, either in error or simply because you choose to. You’re in total Control! Your photos will also expire from their smartphone, at your request.

Took That also gives you the benefit of knowing that half of all smartphones will not be able to screenshot your photo. If they do, you will receive a notification of the image that has been screenshot and who did it. At that point, you can “take back” the remaining pictures, if you choose to do so. The overwhelming response of the Took That Icon “the monkey” demonstrates the ability to be mischievous and take back any photos you have sent.

Why Took That, The Story

The idea for TOOK THAT came about after my wife and I attended a wine event with three other couples. We rented a limo, toured five vineyards and took some great pictures with our smartphones (I was operating an iPhone 4s at the time). In viewing the photos I took the next day, I contemplated whether to send a few or all of the pictures via text to the group of friends who attended but decided doing so would be too time consuming. I considered posting them to Facebook, but realized not every person I wanted to see the photos was on Facebook. I also didn’t want to alienate anyone we didn’t include in our fun trip. I decided email was also not my best option.

In the end, I ended up sending no photos from our amazing Wine Trip.

It was a few weeks later when I ran into several of my friends from the wine trip that I brought up the photos I took that day. Puzzled, they wondered why they hadn’t seen them yet.

My answer was—exactly! Why hadn’t I shared the photos with my friends?

Many of life’s great moments captured on film remain trapped inside of our smartphones, unseen because we believe it will either take too long to send them via text, because we want to avoid social media drama, or because we feel that Email is too outdated a form of communication.

In the end, I couldn’t find something to specifically address my concerns of privacy, group size, and disappearance with other potential capabilities as well. So, I followed my passion and built this app to fill a void in the photo sharing space that I thought existed. After careful consideration and research, TOOK THAT was born…with Photo Control. Period.


"We believe that privacy is as vital today as it was in past generations," River Stock, Inc., Founder and Took That creator, Carlos Villapudua. "With social media putting your life on display, this fun interacting community is now determining how companies hire and even how colleges review applicants. Those important situations aside, there are times when privacy is vital and yet you want to share a photo or an experience with someone without them being able to own that photo. We believe that privacy is about respecting individuals. If a person has a reasonable desire to keep something private, it is disrespectful to ignore that person’s wishes without a compelling reason to do so. Exposing private content is what we consider a lack of respect for that person."

"Privacy is the cornerstone of the Took That App. Having the ability to secure your privacy sets a limit on government power, as well as the power of private sector companies. The more someone knows about us, the more power they have over us. Personal data is used to make very important decisions in our lives. Personal data can be used to affect our reputations; and it can be used to influence our decisions and shape our behavior. It can be used as a tool to exercise control over us. In the wrong hands, personal data can be used to cause us great harm. It is our mission to give you back your privacy."

Meet Our Team

  • Carlos V. CEO / Founder
  • Alexandra R. Executive Assis. to CEO
  • Brando V. Chief Sales Officer
  • Laura M. Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stacey L. Chief Marketing Officer
  • Michael M. Chief Data Officer