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Took That app allows you to share your photos with friends or groups while knowing that your privacy is intact and secure. With a timed delivery system, photos are not given, they are truly shared. Took That has also developed the technology of “take back”. What does that mean? It means you can "take back" the photos that you have sent, either in error or simply because you choose to. You’re in total Control! Your photos will also expire from their smartphone, at your request.

Took That also gives you the benefit of knowing that half of all smartphones will not be able to screenshot your photo. If they do, you will receive a notification of the image that has been screenshot and who did it. At that point, you can “take back” the remaining pictures, if you choose to do so. The overwhelming response of the Took That Icon “the monkey” demonstrates the ability to be mischievous and take back any photos you have sent.

Our Features

Took That allows total
control over your photos

Share as little as one photo or
as many as you would like

Have full Privacy with Control
and ownership of your photos

Users can "Take Back"
any photos they sent

Users can use this app as a chat platform

Share & edit pictures, create albums and view your
news feeds

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